Bitcoin Black Airdrop Registration – (FREE 3,600 BCB coins)

Bitcoin Black Airdrop Registration – (FREE 3,600 BCB coins)

There is a new kid on the block Bitcoin Black (BCB), that promises a fair distribution, unlimited scalability and absolutely free transactions — like hey, why move money as a content-type and charge the world for it? But that’s not all, there runs currently the Bitcoin Black Airdrop registration where they are giving away free 3,600 BCB coins worth $36 , with a future value of $36,000. This is a game changer we’ve all been waiting for in the blockchain space. To ice the case — it’s absolutely free, you pay nothing!

This Bitcoin Black review will furnish you with the most important info about this project, — all of it. If you find the information here useful, kindly share with your friends on social media so they too can benefit. I will show you how to claim your FREE Bitcoin Black Airdrop coins (3,600 BCB FREE coins worth $36) that could possibly be worth $36,000 in the near future. And it’s all free, nothing to lose but a lot to gain. Also don’t forget to drop a comment below and share this page with your friends on social media. Our Bitcoin Black review starts here ? Welcome!

What’s an Airdrop?

An Airdrop is simply a process in blockchain sphere where cyptocurrencies (tokens or coins) are distributed to a large number of wallet addresses (usually for FREE) in the run up to exchange listing or at the start of a new project. Its main aim is to give or gain attention to the coin or project, adding new followers, and resulting in a large user-base and a wider disbursment of coins hence achieving decentralization which is blockchain’s main tenet.

There two major ways of distributing token during airdrops:

  1. By selecting recipients at random.
  2. By publishing the event in airdrop-related bulletin boards or newsletters. In this case, the Bitcoin Black has chosen to go with the latter.

How to Register for the Bitcoin Black airdrop:

This event occurs for a limited time. Only the first one million registrants will be given the free coins. So make sure you make the numbers. Wanna know how many people have joined some far, you can always check the live count here. Without no further a do, here’s how you go about the Bitcoin Black airdrop registration for the FREE 3,600 BCB airdrop coins;

  1. Pick your FREE 3,600 BCB coins by applying here.
  2. Enter your email address and complete the captcha puzzle

3. You will receive an acknowledgement email requesting that you verify-confirm your email address. This is done to avoid fraudulent entries like spam bots. Something like the one below (step 4)

4. Open the email with the confirm link for Bitcoin Black Airdrop and verify your application by clicking on the link therein.

And voila! Now wait for the coins to be sent to you.

You are probably wondering, how will I receive my coins? Where will they send my coins to. Here’s an explanation:

According to the white paper, the airdrop coins will be distributed to your wallet which you will submit once the first One million people have applied for the free 3,600 coins airdrop. You will receive an email notification for this. Nonetheless, the community has petitioned for the distribution to start and you will be able to claim your coins very soon. There’s also an option for the airdrop to be live, so that you receive the coins to your wallet as soon as you’ve applied for them. Keep here for real time updates as that upgrade happens.

Wait, … There is more. Keep reading to understand more about the project below and other ways to benefit from it away from the airdrop.

The official ticker for Bitcoin Black coin is BCBAnd this is the official website for the project.

⚠ Don’t follow any other parody project lest you get scammed.

What is Bitcoin Black?

Bitcoin Black is a fee free, instant cryptocurrency driven by the community that is focussed on a fair distribution, air-dropped to 1 million real users. And thereafter, another 10 million real users through an app introduction bounty system, merchant payment gateways, and many other progressive items as found in the Bitcoin Black Whitepaper aimed at getting the project to every school, shopping outlet and broader everyday life.

Main Catch: You send money as Text. All transactions (sending and receiving) money will be totally FREE and INSTANTANEOUS.

The Bitcoin Black Protocol

I know you are probably thinking, “How can Bitcoin Black sustain totally FREE and INSTANTANEOUS transactions?”

While many OG-chains such as Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum were designed on Proof of Work (PoW) concept hence the need for mining, Bitcoin Black uses the Block lattice technology to handle transactions. In Proof of Work, or it’s fairer alternative (Proof of Stake), transactions on the blockchain will always need to be validated by miners who maintain the blockchain and require compensation for it. For this, transactions costs may vary depending on the difficultly and demand on the network. Fused with other design flaws, transactions may reach several hundreds of dollars or more for relatively small transactions by normal standards making them a turn off for commercial use. Bitcoin Black tries to solve this.

The block lattice technology has been forked from the NANO blockchain, so technically speaking Bitcoin Black tries to improve on this. However, that said, it is common misconception to claim Bitcoin Black is a rival to Bitcoin — that’s not true at all. Though the tagline is — the global currency, they are not the same thing. Bitcoin Black is going for design flaws of early blovkchains by borrowing largely from NANO’s Tech with a main view of offering a fairly distributed, truly decentralized network with a user friendly core wallet making anyone with a wallet a node. This eliminates the need for mining pools dominating more than half the network.

The protocol is Egalitarian meaning each and every vote has equal weightage. One person’s vote can’t be more important than another’s — every wallet is a node and can vote on decisions. On the wallet, you can find a section for “representatives” where one can vote for network consensus. This is how FREE INSTANTANEOUS transactions are guaranteed on the network and how the blockchain is maintained — everyone with a Bitcoin Black wallet technically maintains the network.

So, what are some of the problems with old blockchains like Bitcoin, Ethereum, … that Bitcoin Black tries to solve? Main ones are scalability issues, fees, energy, distribution […] so comparing APPLES to ORANGES here, this is how Bitcoin Black compares to Bitcoin as a representation of the OG-chains. See illustration below.

So, what are some of the problems with old blockchains like Bitcoin, Ethereum, … that Bitcoin Black tries to solve? Main ones are scalability issues, fees, energy, distribution […] so comparing APPLES to ORANGES here, this is how Bitcoin Black compares to Bitcoin as a representation of the OG-chains. See illustration below.

Time to repeat this: BCB is not in competition or looking to replace BTC. It is here to bring crypto transactions to the real world users. You can liken it to the VISA or PayPal of crypto but with FREE INSTANTANEOUS transactions and decentralized.

In many opinions, Bitcoin is an improvement to the monetary system in efficiency and by being borderless. To the critics, the main issue of the previous fiat currencies is more abundant in Bitcoin, which is the concentration of the elites wealth and a flawed distribution model — we can’t blame the designers. Can you blame Mesopotamia for inventing the wheel? No. Over the years, we’ve just improved on it and now we even flu to space. That’s technology for you — civilization.

By its distribution and vision, Bitcoin Black aims to be the cryptocurrency of the people, by the people for the people. Here are some things in the crypto sphere that should be focused on:

  1. Fair distribution
  2. Mass adoption
  3. Lowering energy consumption & using energy more efficiently.
  4. Fee-free instant transactions.
  5. Ease of access for users.
  6. Simplicity for users.
  7. Scalability: ability to handle many transactions per second (TPS).

While the technology side of the current cryptocurrency projects may be sufficient for the time being, the actual distribution of Bitcoin and majority of the alternative coins (“Altcoins”) is problematic. Just as with the fiat based monetary system, the elite own and control 90+% of Bitcoin and Altcoins. There are people with thousand of Bitcoin while millions can’t even own a quarter of a coin. And altcoins are price dependent on Bitcoin, which means if you control Bitcoin, you in turn control for the most part, the Altcoin markets in terms of price manipulation and price suppression. A group popularly categorized as “whales.“ That also means you control the distribution of Altcoins.

Maybe it’s time to focus on distribution as a method to expose and prevent against manipulation of the markets in general and specifically prices. But that can only be done through a proper design and distribution. Something Bitcoin Black prides herself in attempting to solve – let’s see how it plays out to the end. Will it be a hit or miss? There’s only one way to keep track. Join the community. Many ways to be involved as we are about to discover next.

Eearly Access: The Bitcoin Black Pre Sale

The main intention of the Pre-Sale is to bring talent into the project and have 200+ Pre-Sale members who will act as founders and help to push the project forward.

Pre-Sale current stage: Stage 6

Stage 1 (SOLD OUT): $0.000055555555555556 per coin compared to $0.01 IEO price (180 times cheaper than IEO).

Stage 2 (SOLD OUT): $0.0001111111 per coin compared to $0.01 IEO price (90 times cheaper than IEO).

Stage 3 (SOLD OUT): $0.0002222222 per coin compared to $0.01 IEO price (45 times cheaper than IEO).

Stage 4 (SOLD OUT): $0.00055555555555556 per coin compared to $0.01 IEO price (18 times cheaper than IEO).

Stage 5 (SOLD OUT): $0.0009 per coin compared to $0.01 IEO price (12 times cheaper than IEO).

Stage 6 (SOLD OUT): $0.0018 per coin compared to $0.01 IEO price (6 times cheaper than IEO).

Bitcoin Black price at IEO will be $0.01

What funds will be used on:
Security of blockchain.
Server costs/ Hosting costs/ Scaling to mass usage costs.
Call in development costs.
Multilingual expansion and management.
Rewards program improvement.
Setting up community support & branches.
Enhancements to rewards platform.
Further security testing.
Strengthening IEO proposal.
More tasks needed to get the project closer to IEO stage.
IEO listing fee.
Attempts to apply quantum resistance.
Technology design enhancements.
In depth research.
Experimental advancements.

Once we reach 1 million users, IEO begins:
Price of coins will be $0.01 at IEO maximum contribution $5000.00 at IEO.
At IEO what will be have:
1 million members.
Time tested blockchain with millions of successful transactions processed.
A growth rate higher than most top 10 cryptocurrencies.
A true fair payment ecosystem giving the power back to the people.
A method to get Bitcoin Black to every school yard/ university/ workplace and community.

Why get involved:
To play a part in the future of Bitcoin Black.
Have more coins than is possible to buy during IEO.
If you believe in the project and you wish for it to succeed long term.
Part of the IEO funds will go directly to approximately 5 Pre-sale members who will act as one of many foundations long term depending on the team they put together and methods they wish to use to contribute to the network.
You can wish to remain anonymous or if you like you can be added to the website in the founding team section with a brief bio about yourself and your strengths.
By being the fairest distributed coin, other projects will potentially fork and will replicate the coins you have to other projects.

How to get Pre-Sale coins:
Purchase coins at the following link: …..
Stage 5 pre-sale is available in packets (packet size is 100,000 coins) $90.00.
Maximum packets per person 30 ($2700)
Payment method accepted for the purchase of coins is Bitcoin (BTC).

What is needed at checkout:
Your BCB wallet address.Your email address is important, as coins will be distributed based on email address used at checkout.

Help in some way to push the project forward.Belief in the project and not just involved to make a quick return on contribution.
Not be seeking to sell all coins after IEO and be in it for a quick profit and not sell at a market order.
Together the Pre-Sale team will have the option to discuss and agree on tasks needed to be execute through Slack.
Examples: video script writing, video producer, community manager for your local community or country, mathematician, developer, translator, SEO, exchange listings, event appearances, social functions, educational seminars, IEO submission.

The Bitcoin Black Founders

In total, there will be 220 individuals rewarded at IEO who will act as founders of Bitcoin Black. Among the 220 will be the top 110 (Airdrop promoters) and top 110 IEO promoters).

Other Bitcoin Black founders will include:

  1. Four anonymous founders will remain so until the Bitcoin Black IEO. The four members have a great wealth of combined knowledge and field experience in all the necessary parts to execute the project to the point where the larger community structured can be of large significance to a global currency.
  2. The 500+ Bitcoin Black pre-sale participants in stages 1 to 4.
  3. Multiple Bitcoin Black foundations running.

The core duties of the founders or community leaders will be:

  • Making decisions with regards to the tasks the project needs to complete.
  • Following the project roadmap to ensure everything follows through in time.
  • Pushing the project forward in various ways based on their competency.
  • Forwarding suggestions from the community with regards to the project
  • Voting on fundamental issues. No member’s vote overrules others. Voting system will embrace egalitarianism. Among issues subject to voting will be allocation of ICO funds to various foundations and projects.

In essence, the Bitcoin Black Project is purely communal and there will be no private owners. The entire ecosystem owns the project hence the phrase “community project.” In case of management gaps that may arise in future, team gaps will be filled as required with the remaining initial community coins, development fund coins and other bounties that may be run for specific purposes.

Every blockchain with a coin in the past has struggled distributing their token fairly by design. Bitcoin Black promises a fair distribution. In total, there will be 34,028,226,692 BCB coins in circulation. The total coins shall be distributed in the following portions: Initial foundation 2.5%, Development fund 2.5%, Pre Sale 2.5%, Bounties 2.5%, Airdrop 10%, Rewards 20%, IEO 20%, and finally the App introduction referrals 40%. You can see all supply goes back to the project and each key decision must be voted by the community — no central body cotrolling things. Below we break down the Bitcoin Black total supply distribution.


90–99.9% of all the Bitcoin is owned by 1% of all the users.
90–99.9% of all the money in the world is owned by 1% of all the users.

Does this sound fair?

Bitcoin is an improvement to the monetary system in efficiency and is not limited to borders (it’s borderless). The main issue of the previous fiat currencies is more abundant in Bitcoin which is the concentration of the elites wealth due to a flawed distribution model.

The Bitcoin Black project quotes:

While the technology side of the current cryptocurrency projects may be sufficient for the time being, the actual distribution of Bitcoin and the alternative coins (“Altcoins”) is problematic. Just as with the fiat based monetary system, the elite own and control 90+% of Bitcoin and Altcoins. Altcoins are price dependent on Bitcoin, which means if you control Bitcoin, you in turn control for the most part, the Altcoin markets in terms of price manipulation and price suppression. Its time to focus on distribution as a method to expose and prevent against manipulation of the markets in general and specifically prices.

Bitcoin Black’s distribution aims to solve this issue and become the truly fairly distributed coin out there. Simply put, the currency of the people, for the people, by the people.

Distribution will be done on a mass scale base from the beginning, this limits manipulation by the elite and no member of any currency should hold more than 1% of the entire circulating supply at any one point (manipulation counteraction fund will eliminate the possibility of early bag holders manipulation and contribute to true decentralization which is yet to be seen.

Below is how the total BCB supply is spread:

Initial Foundation 2.5%: 900 Million (To be depleted to 0)
Development fund 2.5%: 900 Million (To be depleted to 0)
Pre-sale 2.5%:
 900 Million coins (100+ investing members who will be an addition to the founding team helping to move the project forward. Collaborating though slack)
Bounties 2.5%: 900 million coins for bounties decided by pre-sale members and the Bitcoin Black community. Such as: translations of website, whitepaper, rewards dashboard and APPS.
Airdrop 10%: 3.6 Billion coins to be airdropped (1 million accounts 3600 coins per account)
Rewards bounty 20%: 7.2 Billion coins divided between Airdrop rewards (110 members). IEO rewards (110 members).
IEO 20%: 7.2 Billion coins Funds from IEO to be allocated to multiple community foundations who will help the community move the project further into the future. Allocated to specialist departments.
Manipulation counteraction fund (approx 5%). Part used for stability control fund to remove the possibility of early low volume manipulation, and maintain stability in the currency.
App introduction rewards 40%: 14.4 Billion. Introduction of 30 million members with the rate of new users growing compounded. A method to get Bitcoin Black to every school yard/ university/ workplace and community.

By creating a fair mass scale distribution, manipulation proof will lead to a stable currency which will eventually be a currency which will be truly usable and intended to:
Pay wages. Pay rent. Pay for food.
Eventually cutting fiat out of the loop.
Transitioning to the new monetary system which has less flaws than current crypto-currencies and the fiat money system.

Understanding the importance of making the currency usable and being used on a worldwide marketplace which will follow with the ability to trade coins for physical silver shipped worldwide. (online marketplace to buy/sell/trade locally).

As everything is based on Bitcoins price as it is the main trading pair, most other crypto currencies have the same issue as bitcoin.
A fair distribution is what Crypto is lacking.
And this is what we aim to solve & contribute to solving.
Our aim is for fair distribution to take place so there no monopoly of the money like the current fiat systems of the world.

Not another ERC20 token, Bitcoin Black will be a stand alone coin based on block lattice built upon a code base fork of NANO.

Important things needed:
Distribution needs to be done over time.
Coins need to be held for some time so that initial community members are not able to sell. The intention should be community growth, not a fiat related short-term gain.
The community needs to reach 1 million members prior to opening the coin to high volume exchanges.
Many cryptocurrencies slowly become less distributed through manipulation and become controlled over time. The proof is evident with how the fiat systems evolve and become concentrated to a small percentage of the holders or participants in the fiat community.
The creating founders that drive the project forward need to own less than 5% of total supply combined to ensure that the distribution is fair and the goal of the project (for fair distribution) is achieved.

All fiat is owned and used as a tool of control.
Crypto is the perfect vehicle to solve this issue.
However it is of belief a small amount of money from the top of the previous doomed fiat system has flowed into crypto and manipulated all.
In May 2017 market cap was approx 36 billion.
December 21st 2017 market cap was approx 628 billion while the masses were encouraged to enter crypto for the promise of being rich.
The rise in 7 months was unnatural and the small hand which was responsible in driving the price up.
January 9th it hit over 800 billion only to crash down to 260 billion on march 31st, during this period, elite accumulated more through trading.
At these volumes it isn’t speculators money, it is a systematized method to drive the masses away from crypto currency and for the elite to acquire a larger percentage of the market for another round of accumulation giving they a bigger playing hand. Even if it is a loss to them to gain more of a market percentage they are playing with trillions of dollars and have more to lose than finances.
Only 0.003 % of the world (250,000) are estimated to own at least 1 bitcoin.

All fiat is owned and used as a form of control.
Cryptocurrencies are the perfect vehicle to solve the issue of control; however, it is believed that at least a small amount of money from the elite of the previous (now) doomed fiat systems have made their way into cryptocurriences and have started manipulation of the system.
In May of 2017 the market capitalization was approximately 36 billion. On December 21, 2017 the market capitalization was approximately 628 billion. The masses were encouraged to enter cryptocurriences by the promise of becoming rich. The rise in 7 months was unnatural and it was a small segment of the overall market participants who were responsible in driving the prices up. On January 9, 2018, the market capitalization surpassed 800 billion, only to tumble down to a market capitalization of 260 billion on March 31, 2018. During this period of time, the elite accumulated more cryptocurriences through trading. At those noted volumes it isn’t speculator money that was involved, but rather a systematized method to drive the masses out of cryptocurrency to allow for the elite to acquire a larger percentage of the market shares (for another round of accumulation) giving them a larger share of the market for further manipulation. Even if those market participants suffered a loss through accumulation at higher prices and the corresponding price drop in the market, it was a win in the sense that they were able to control a greater percentage of the market.

Distribute widely at the outset, with no member of the community to own more than 0.5% of the total supply and incorporate a spend and replace system, making it difficult for manipulation to enter.

Bitcoin Black Project Roadmap

Below are the 19 KEY MILESTONES to be achieved by the Bitcoin Black Project based on the BCB white paper. The roadmap:

  1. launched.


2. 10000 members.


3. Multilingual expansion

(done & translation ongoing in other languages)

4. launched (the network side of Bitcoin Black)


5. Begin airdrop. Free coins delivered to members by creating wallet. Each member who created a wallet on the Bitcoin Black Blockchain is to recieve 9,000 BCB coins.


6. Launch of Beta Network. You can find the testnet’s explorer here


7. 100000 Unique Members reached on the network.


8. Pre-sale coin distribution on Bitcoin Black Live Network

(done: stage 1–4 have recived their coins & the final round distribution currently ongoing) — We are here!

9. Distribution of 50,000 (9000 coin) Airdrops on the Live Network.

(will start soon as the Pre-sale distribution is done)

10. Continue Automatic Airdrop (receive 3600 coins) when you sign up for Bitcoin Black. Apply for the FREE COINS HERE.

(Continues until 1 million accounts are reached on the network)

11. Android & IOS applications

(send money as easily as a text message)

12. One Million Successful Airdrops

(The 3,600 coins are distributed to users wallets directly upon verification of email to eliminate duplicate accounts)

13. Bitcoin Black becomes the most decentralized cryptocurrency

(the most user nodes spread across the most locations worldwide)

14. Pay top 110 rewards members for airdrop referrals.

(Make sure to invite as many friends to join, you can join the program here.)

15. IEO begins.

(Bitcoin Black Lists on a reputable public exchange and gets even wider adoption through global circulation.)

16. App introduction rewards commences.

(bringing 10 million additional users into the ecosystem through incentives)

17. Accelerated merchant adoption begins

18. IEO funds allocated to community groups, foundations and individuals through voting

19. Marketplace opens, Bitcoin Black card introduced and more through IEO funding

Bitcoin Black White Paper & Github Repository

Bitcoin Black has a white paper where you can read about the project. They also have their code progress on Github where you can see how far along they are doing with their sotfware development.

A white paper is simply an authoritative report or guide that informs readers concisely about a complex issue and presents the issuing body’s philosophy on the matter. It is meant to help readers understand an issue, solve a problem or make a decision.

In blockchain or cryptocurrency sphere, a white paper is a document presented by a start-up with the intention of informing and encouraging investors to participate in the start-up’s early stage. It contains more technical and in-depth discussions on the project that the start-up is building.

You can read Bitcoin Black White Paper from this link if you want to read and learn more about the project.

Find Bitcoin Black (BCB) GitHub Repository here

If you have any suggestions or are interested in contributing to the development of Bitcoin Black or becoming a part of the team, please send an email to:

Commonly Asked Questions on Bitcoin Black

Here are some common querries on the Bitcoin Black blockchain project, they have answers to help clear the air:

Will the total supply of Bitcoin Black be distributed and put into circulation at once through sales and campaigns?

Distribution will be done gradually. The main part is reserved for app introduction rewards and merchant adoption.

What are the advantages of a non-mineable coin over a mineable coin?

BCB is non-mineable. The advantage is LESS ENERGY CONSUMPTION and over time more decentralized.

Who are the people behind Bitcoin Black?

Bitcoin Black is run by community members.

Bitcoin Black is built on Block Lattice, what is block lattice and what makes it better than blockchain?

Fee free transactions, instant transaction, scalable.

For more FAQs on BCB, head over to this site section.


The is a scam site (, this site is fraudulent and has cloned the Bitcoin Black site. It is using the plartform to solicit funds from unsuspecting victims. Be warned. Do not lose your hard earned money to these scammers. The real Bitcoin Black Airdrop & website is this.

Stay alerted. Don’t fall for scammers on the internet!

Should you have any further querries regarding the Bitcoin Black Project, kindly feel free to join the community in the following handles and contact lines. You will find everyone working on the project, users and admins to assist you for free. You can post ro ask any question on the public fora. Join the Bitcoin Black movement.


White Paper: Read Here in PDF

Bitcoin Black GitHub Repository: Find on GitHub Here

Live Blockchain Explorer: To see your coins on the Blockchain, just Click on the BCB Explorer here, enter your address and click on “search”

Project Community: BCB Community

Official Website:

Contact: 24/7 Phone, Chat, Twitter, and Email Support, Extensive Online Help Center and Ticketing System.

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Bitcoin Black (BCB) presents a good investment opportunity to all the crypto ENTHUSIASTS out there and curtails the power of whales who manipulate prices. This is purely a community-based idea, at least thats what it looks like at the moment. Ofcourse when it eventually lists on exchanges, builds traction and gets widely accepted its demand is set to go up based on the fact that there are ZERO FEES while making payments with this crypto coin.

So if I were you, I wouldn’t think twice getting the FREE Bitcoin Black Airdrop coins (It’s free and you pay nothing). Imagine owning 3,600 of Ethereum or Bitcoin now! It all starts as a joke and end as regret. Don’t be left behind, get your risk FREE 3,600 BCB coins now before it ends.

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