BMUK-5 Hosted Hardware, 5Ths – Liquid Cooled Miner

We are proud to announce the arrival of our BMUK-5; the BMUK-5 has a Hash-rate of 5 Ths (Terahash) or 5000 Ghs. We use 28nm asic chips which use only 0.24 Joules of energy per Giga-Hash; this makes our new miner one of the most efficient available at the moment. These are not the most efficient asic chips but they are the most cost effective at the moment, and will give you a long time of being profitable.

Hash-rate – 5 Ths (5000 Ghs)
Power Consumption – 1250 Watts (at the wall)
Power Supply 1 x Antec 1300W PSU
Efficiency – 0.24 Joules per Gigahash
Voltage – 12 Volts
Chips – 166 x 28nm ASIC
Dimensions – 4 U Case (48.3CM Wide x 17.6CM High x 57.9CM Long)
Cooling – Liquid Cooled with Noctuna Fans (Rated up-to 4000W of head dissipation)
Connection – Ethernet
Weight – 14 Kg








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